About ENKI

We Build Win/Win Relationships

Founded in 2006 by Silicon Valley startup veterans, ENKI has become a leading cloud IT service provider because its mission is grounded in the philosophy that our success is possible only when we empower our customers to grow and achieve more in their core business. 

Our relationships with customers are collaborative partnerships that provide discernable value to each party.  We build these relationships upon an open exploration of our clients' needs and our capabilities, rather than attempting to force-fit their requirements into our service offerings. We are flexible, always listening for and looking for ways to extend our offerings to provide mutual benefit in the relationship.

This approach is reflected in the design of our premiere offering, PrimaCloud, which allows you to focus on delivering applications to your customers and stakeholders without the necessity for deep IT operations knowledge, large capital expenditures, or extensive staffing.  You receive IT services from the cloud, including enterprise-grade computing, as a reliable service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our Mission

To provide personalized cloud operations services
to enterprises desiring unparalleled IT infrastructure, services, and support.
ENKI enables enterprises to respond rapidly to market conditions without the
expense and distraction of developing mission-critical IT capability.

Our Vision

Our founder, Dave Durkee, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry including being the founding CIO of Netsuite, and has seen repeatedly that most companies simply don't have the background or desire to make IT a critical advantage for their organization.  As a result, he has developed a vision of IT as a Service delivered on a fully virtual ("Cloud") computing platform, allowing companies to access highly scalable and reliable enterprise-class information technology without the usual cost and hassle that it implies.

Our Technology

ENKI's mission to provide computing as a utility service has led us to find the best-of-breed technology solutions to virtualizing computing, storage, and networking resources for our customers at the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.  We have also picked technology partners and vendors that share our vision to help us deliver this service.

Our approach to sales and consulting

ENKI looks for a synergistic fit between us and our clients. We are committed to this approach and believe it is what will both attract and delight our customers, motivating them to refer us to their associates. As such, our initial meeting is intended allow us to get to know each other and investigate the technical challenges facing your organization. We commit to sharing our ideas freely throughout the partnership, and are convinced that this will bring about win-win relationships.  We see our customers as partners in the growth of our company, just as we hope to be partners in the growth of theirs.

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