The ENKI Way


Equality. ENKI is founded on the principle of equality in all our relationships, including those with vendors, customers, partners and employees. We believe that equality will allow us to serve our customers in the best way possible, while generating trust and delight in all our relationships. Equality means that we neither seek nor tolerate manipulation, coercion, force, or unhealthy dependence in any of our relationships, and that if we discover it, we will work to resolve it. We always seek to find the win/win outcome in any situation.

Collaboration. ENKI always seeks to found any relationship on collaboration. We know that our success and that of our customers, vendors, and employees rests on finding ways to collaborate on solving each others’ problems. Collaboration promotes good communication that leads to the best possible outcome in any relationship. We know that outstanding collaboration follows from listening without judgment, placing the good of the collaboration ahead of the good of the individual or organization, and respecting others.

Community. ENKI knows that we are part of many communities, including those of our customers, vendors, and employees, as well as the IT community, our local urbanization, and the world. We are grateful to these communities for their support and find ways to give back to them in alignment with our business practice and our values. In addition, we support the environment by striving to achieve maximum energy efficiency in accomplishing our business purpose.

Impeccability. ENKI and its employees strive to participate in our relationships with integrity, such that there are no unexpected short or long-term negative consequences from our actions and business practices. This means saying what we mean and meaning what we say; being open to criticism and feedback; bringing hidden expectations, agendas, and reactions up in a timely manner and resolving them completely; doing quality work with continuous process improvement; delivering on our commitments or renegotiating them as soon as we know they can’t be met; and always respecting the other party in a relationship.

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