New Online Gaming Company

They provide online card games with a user community, tournaments, and player/viewer subscriptions. They have no idea of how fast they will grow, and uptime is very important to maintain a good reputation in the gaming community. They have a combination of Linux and Windows machines requiring high I/O performance, which ruled out most Cloud providers and made them think only their own datacenter full of physical servers would fit the bill

Challenge #1

They have an unpredictable growth rate with potential for large spikes in traffic on weekends

ENKI Solution
PrimaCloud’s automatic scaling and pay-as-you-go service with automatic quantity discounting

Gaming systems are added as necessary to meet demand with rewards for growth

Challenge #2

Uptime is crucial to their business model

ENKI Solution
Redundant networks, self-healing hardware, and full network and application monitoring

They achieve 4-nines of reliability (subject to software reliability)

Challenge #3

Responsiveness requires fast Linux and Windows servers and capable infrastructure

ENKI Solution
PrimaCloud delivers enterprise-grade compute and storage speeds while eliminating common I/O congestion problems

Their service matches performance & budget expectations

ENKI Services Used (initial deployment)

  • 13 GB RAM
  • 14 GB Reserved
  • 6.7 Cores Peak
  • 5 Linux / 8 Windows Instances
  • 350 GB Storage
  • 850GB Transfer
  • 13 Instances under full operations services
  • Weekly production team meeting attendance
  • SQL Server DBA services
  • 13 instances under server monitoring
  • IIS, SQL Server, MySQL application monitoring
  • User experience monitoring (transactional performance)
  • Application-controlled scaling from 1 to 8 Windows instances to meet demand based on transactional performance

Benefit Summary

  • Auto-scaling plus usage-based charges result in large savings and great performance
  • High uptime keeps their reputation good while they are growing the business
  • Labor costs are low by using PrimaCare operations services
  • Virtual Data Centers adjust to application changes over time

How to Buy

Customer Testimonials

  • I can't wait to tell people how great you guys have been. I hope to make you rock stars in the Linux community!

    - Texstar (PCLinuxOS)

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  • Just a note of thanks from a PCLinux user for becoming a home for PCLinuxOS. I believe it has a fine future and you will be good for it.

    - C.

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  • Just knowing you guys are willing to work with us and not cut us off at the knees if things get busy or if we have a problem is really

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  • “We have been using grid services for sometime now, but we’re not grid experts. Working with ENKI allowed us to make better use of utility computing, and quickly create new

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  • Just wanted to let you know that PCLinuxOS has now hit the #1 spot at displacing Ubuntu ... Thank you for helping us to achieve that.

    -Devnet, PC Linux OS 

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  • "I wanted to personally thank you for the support you have given us over the last couple of days.  In a start-up environment there are always emergencies and stressful situations

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  • I spent a couple of hours notating a call I recorded with Enki Consulting (partner with 3Tera) on the in’s out’s of grid computing.  Honestly after the call and listening

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  • For our business (a web-based software and services firm for the political community), cloud computing holds the promise of 100% uptime and scalability. Already, we've found the need to make

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  • ENKI has gone out of its way to accommodate our email marketing business

    - Manager, email marketing customer

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  • Thanks for all your speedy help today: Certainly better than I would ever expect from your bigger competitors like google and amazon.

    -Dobes Vandermeer, Clarity Accounting

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  • "Partnering with ENKI has allowed Kashoo to focus on developing great accounting software for our customers. With the ENKI Cloud, we have seen significant savings compared to the cost of

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  • Your help turned me from public enemy to rock star over night ... I thank you for your effort and expertise from the bottom of my soul!!!!

    -Eric Lingenfelter, CEO Sitebuilder

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  • You guys really rock! Happy to be aboard.

    I should know - I have hosted with a lot of Gartner quadrant 4 hosting providers over the years. It seems that the

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  • "We have been a customer of Enki since 2009. We believe we have a great idea, which is to provide end-to-end marketing communication services to small and mid size businesses.

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  • "We have experience with many cloud providers, from RackSpace, Microsoft Azure, and GoGrid. Not one of these providers comes anywhere close to the responsiveness of ENKI's team. We are so

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  • "We see a very good RTT [round trip time] compared to Amazon"

    - Manager, ArcSoft

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  • "The way you manage your infrastructure and network sets a standard for our team"

    - Manager, ArcSoft

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  • At, we view ENKI as a true partner in our business.  Their blend of great products, expertise, and high-touch customer service, sets them apart from all the rest.

    - CEO,

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  • "When we need them they have been very prompt and professional.  I personally sleep better at night being in your cloud and your service team is a large part of

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