Customer Testimonials

"When we need them they have been very prompt and professional.  I personally sleep better at night being in your cloud and your service team is a large part of that."

- CEO Contact Science

At, we view ENKI as a true partner in our business.  Their blend of great products, expertise, and high-touch customer service, sets them apart from all the rest.

- CEO,

"The way you manage your infrastructure and network sets a standard for our team"

- Manager, ArcSoft

Thanks for all your speedy help today: Certainly better than I would ever expect from your bigger competitors like google and amazon.

-Dobes Vandermeer, Clarity Accounting

"Partnering with ENKI has allowed Kashoo to focus on developing great accounting software for our customers. With the ENKI Cloud, we have seen significant savings compared to the cost of buying servers and hiring our own IT staff."

- Jim Secord, CEO Kashoo

“We have been using grid services for sometime now, but we’re not grid experts. Working with ENKI allowed us to make better use of utility computing, and quickly create new applications that have had great benefit. We are more than happy with the results and I would recommend ENKI to anyone.”

-Jordi Miro Bruix, CTO

"We have experience with many cloud providers, from RackSpace, Microsoft Azure, and GoGrid. Not one of these providers comes anywhere close to the responsiveness of ENKI's team. We are so thrilled with ENKI, that we consider them a seamless extension of our business. Nearly every other supplier puts us in queue for their "tech support". I personally do not remember an instance where I could actually call a "person", not  the next waiting "customer support tech".

"Exceptional service is what separates ENKI from the rest, and we believe this partnership will continue for a very long time."

- Gene Foo, CEO The Information Network LTD

"We have been a customer of Enki since 2009. We believe we have a great idea, which is to provide end-to-end marketing communication services to small and mid size businesses. We did not realize we lacked the in-house skills to handle our system integration issues until our systems started failing. Enki dropped everything to help us solve our problems and got us up and running within hours, and identified the problems quickly, but more importantly presented us a number of solutions to prevent similar mishaps."

- Gene Foo, CEO, The Information Network LTD

Just wanted to let you know that PCLinuxOS has now hit the #1 spot at displacing Ubuntu ... Thank you for helping us to achieve that.

-Devnet, PC Linux OS 

"We see a very good RTT [round trip time] compared to Amazon"

- Manager, ArcSoft

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