ENKI was founded in 2006 to enable enterprises to deliver fast, reliable, and secure applications to their internal and external clients without the necessity for expensive and hard to find expert IT capability. To deliver on this commitment ENKI built their cloud utilizing only best of breed infrastructure and designed from the ground up for performance, security, and reliability and is supported only with highly trained engineers whom are IT experts with decades of operations experience.

Superior Hosting Begins with Superior Infrastructure

Performance (Click for details)
ENKI’s cloud delivers unparalleled performance that enables previously unimagined uses including a client who is operating over 3,000 VMs per server. Power of this magnitude is achieved only by using best of breed components selected with the goal of total solution performance in our cloud's design process. 

  • Brand New PowerEdge C6320 servers featuring next-generation Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors supporting up to 512GB of memory per server.
  • Juniper switching with 20 GbE fully redundant interconnect fabric between servers and storage.
  • Up to 60,000 dedicated SAN storage IOPS with SSD hybrid technology resulting in sub 5ms read and sub 1 ms write latency.
  • VMWare's virtualization utilizes minimal overhead enabling near bare-metal server performance.
  • ENKI never over-allocates CPU and memory yielding predictable performance.
Through very careful planning and selection of components, ENKI’s infrastructure has consistently achieved over 99.99% uptime for over a decade and unlike the large commodity hosting services, ENKI has never experienced a complete data center failure. This record can only be achieved by:
  • Utilizing only the highest quality data center facilities with 2N+1 redundancy for power, cooling, ISP, and networking.
  • N+1 cloud infrastructure redundancy for servers, storage, and networking.
  • VMWare virtualization coupled with SAN storage enables self-healing, persistent instances that automatically restart on server failure.
  • Storage decoupled from servers using highly redundant SANs.
  • Brand new Dell servers and Juniper switches.
  • Can achieve ~100% uptime with geo-redundant application deployment.
  • Automated multipoint enterprise-grade remote network, server, and application monitoring coupled with smart automation where necessary to capture failures and exceptions and ensure prompt resolution.
Security and Compliance
Protection of client data and adherence to regulatory compliance is ENKI's to priority.
  • Multi-layered network security with VPDC built on hardware-based private networks and admin access via secure socket transport with encrypted keys and VPNs with two-factor authentication.
  • ENKI provides a full suite of security services including UTM firewall, encryption, log file monitoring and analysis, intrusion detection, internal and external scanning, file integrity monitoring, antivirus, and more.
  • HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE 16 type I and II, SOC1 and SOC2 compliant data centers, with FedRamp compliance available. 
  • ENKI’s SecurVault 360 degree storage encryption secures everything you store including swap space for full compliance.
  • PCI/HIPAA compliant internal security policies and compliant change control process lessens the burdens of regulatory audits. Automated Continuous Compliance tracks required processes and documents and ensures that regularly scheduled compliance activities are performed.
ENKI supports rapid scalability of client applications through:
  • Virtual machines up to 56 2.6 Ghz cores and 384 GBs of memory.
  • VM hot add capability means resources do not have to be provisioned for worst case load scenarios.
  • Custom auto-scaling capability to add or remove servers from load balanced groups automatically based on your unique load profile and requirements.
  • Monitoring services that alarm when any server or application metric approaches its performance limit.
  • By utilizing ENKI engineer's wealth of knowledge and experience on how to architect and deploy applications for maximum performance and scalability.

Full Operational Support Enables Clients to Focus On Their Business

Complete system and application deployment administration services are available. Give us the code and ENKI will take care of rest.
  • Turnkey migration and installation.
  • Full application administration, configuration, and monitoring.
  • System/application debugging support.
  • Application monitoring, patch, release, and performance management.
  • 24x7 NOC service with dedicated first-line Tier 3 engineer that will know your application and architecture, as well as your management processes.  
  • Compliance management and support can be integrated with administration services.
ENKI executives and engineers have decades of IT and cloud experience that can be leveraged by our clients including:
  • Optimizing application performance and reliability.
  • Private cloud design and implementation. 
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance. 
  • Application migration.
  • Security and network architecture design.
  • Technical due diligence for all aspects of enterprise IT.
24x7 Monitoring
ENKI’s monitoring service goes beyond with fully custom dashboards for different roles in your company, automatic monitoring of new devices and applications to ensure monitoring coverage in changing environments.
  • Preconfigured monitoring solutions for off the shelf applications, operating systems, and appliances boosts implementation speed and accuracy.
  • Auto-discovery of servers and appliances.
  • Automatic application of limits and performance metrics for true elastic monitoring as servers get added.
  • Application monitoring for multistep transaction success, response times, and global performance
  • Customized dashboards on a per-role basis to visualize SLAs, resources utilization, transactions and customer experience.
  • Reasonable cost per monitored point to encourage full monitoring coverage.

Successful Hosting Ends with Meeting Business Needs

Personalized Service
ENKI approaches every client engagement from the perspective of their unique needs. We do not try to force-fit every application into a single solution. ENKI can support:
  • Unique application architectures.
  • Non-standard network components.
  • Applications requiring specific cloud hardware in a private cloud.
  • Custom SLAs.
  • Flexible BAAs or security contracts.
ENKI aims to maximize total client value by delivering only the very best service at surprisingly competitive prices.
  • Only pay for what you need. Servers can be configured for virtually any amount of CPU and memory. Only actual compute, bandwidth and storage used end up on your bill.
  • Volume Discounts Available.
  • Flexible payment options available.
Total Value
ENKI aims to maximize total client value by delivering only the very best of service at competitive prices. We can achieve this by:
  • Starting with highly competitive pricing with volume discounts as you grow.
  • Leveraging ENKI’s technical experts to enable customers to reduce or even avoid costly IT staffing.
  • Pay as you go services enables clients to more closely align expenses to revenues.
  • At ENKI, you can size your VMs to their precise needs as opposed to having to pick from a handful of predetermined packages, which can lead to an average 20% resource savings over fixed size VMs.
  • A la carte security and compliance solutions enables customers to pay for only the amount of service required for their business.  

How to Buy