Remote Network and Systems Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of your infrastructure

Proactively manage and control the services your computing infrastructure provides to your company and your customers, preventing potential issues and problems while ensuring that your systems and people remain productive.

High performance monitoring reduces the response times to failures or performance problems of anything in your virtual private datacenter, which can translate to effective solutions achieved within significantly shorter timeframes. In addition, monitoring enables you to offer guaranteed SLAs (service level agreements) to your users/customers. This service is offered together with our PrimaCare Operations Services to ensure your application uptime and performance in our Cloud Computing offerings, or as Monitoring-as-a-Service to your existing infrastructure.


  • Enterprise-class network monitoring system from LogicMonitor with dashboards and user-customizable views per user or stakeholder.
  • Monitor Windows and Linux servers, and utilize a pre-configured library of monitoring templates to speed the delivery of monitoring on 1000+ technologies including network equipment, databases, applications and more.
  • Automatic discovery of devices, storage, performance metrics, and applications ensures accuracy and timeliness in monitoring changing cloud network environments.
  • Monitoring templates can be automatically applied to automatically discovered devices, allowing collection of granular metrics on new devices without any configuration. 
  • Automatic netflow monitoring for traffic analysis, resource allocation and consumption, and correlation with infrastructure monitoring.
  • Monitor websites and applications for availability, multistep transaction success, response times, and global presence performance.
  • Compare current performance against historic data and forecast future measurements based on trend analysis with confidence bounds.
  • Use dashboards to visualize business metrics such as SLAs, resource utilization expenditures, customer transaction volume, and real-time customer experience monitoring to justify IT spend, predict future capacity requirements, and provide early warnings about service issues.  Dashboards can be customized with your logo and company identity.
  • Custom alerts based on parameter values or trends delivered via email, SMS, and phone calls routable to operational teams, with daily summary reports.
  • Extensive security measures to meet compliance requirements including physical and network security measures and redundant infrastructure used to provide monitoring services.

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