Technical Operations as a Service Description

ENKI | PrimaCare is a cloud technical operations (TechOps) service intended to allow you to operate enterprise-grade information technology services such as web sites, web services, Software-as-a-Service, or internally-focused IT applications at the highest levels of reliability while minimizing the need for deep information technology knowledge, staffing, or operations expertise. PrimaCare can be delivered to your virtual infrastructure hosted in ENKI's PrimaCloud public cloud services as well as other cloud providers including FedRamp certified clouds including AWS and IBM. The combination of ENKI's cloud operations services and our enterprise-grade cloud computing provides true virtual TechOps services.

ENKI PrimaCare is offered as a complete onboarding service optionally followed Operations Services plans. 

Operations Services Plans Overview

Operations Services Plans offer you the benefit of ENKI's background in enterprise and SaaS IT TechOps management and software deployment to maintain production systems with the highest levels of uptime and predictability. These plans offer a variety of choices ranging from simply supporting ENKI's cloud infrastructure to taking responsibility for the uptime of your production systems by integrating software test and release processes, administration and maintenance, backups, monitoring, and rapid incident response. Operations Services plans are priced based on a fixed fee or a fraction of your resource spend, whichever is higher, and are designed to deliver more services at a lower price than our competition.

PrimaCare operations services plans can be tailored to your exact needs based on systems architecture, business requirements, organizational structure, and budget. All ENKI cloud computing is delivered with an included Bronze (basic) plan, which supports virtual infrastructure access and availability and includes backup services. All plans include seamless access to hourly services and consulting from ENKI's expert staff if not included with the particular plan you choose.

For more information including detailed services and pricing, start with the Plan Comparison link on the right, and for all the details, please read our Operations Services Description and Terms document.

Plans Summary

  • PrimaCare Platinum: ENKI functions as your operations team and fully manages virtual infrastructure and production applications (setup, maintenance, security, and planning.)  You utilize ENKI technical skills and operational efficiency to maximize ROI by giving your IT challenges to us, enabling you to focus on your core business.   This plan is designed to be better than AWS "Enterprise" support at a lower price.
  • PrimaCare Gold: ENKI is responsible for your application administration and virtual infrastructure.  You retain operational ownership including application maintenance, security, and planning, but outsource application and systems administration and problem resolution for lower total operational cost.
  • PrimaCare Silver: ENKI is responsible for virtual infrastructure and hosting platform software setup and configuration.  You are solely responsible for application management.  You use your technical and operational skills but have access to ENKI's expertise for basic system administration and problem resolution as needed.   This plan is designed to exceed RackSpace's "fanatical support" at a similar price point.
  • PrimaCare Bronze: ENKI is responsible for virtual infrastructure (compute, storage, and networking) and backups.  You are solely responsible for system administration and application management.   You use your technical and operational skills and staff time to minimize total hosting charges.  Access to ENKI's operations and support skills are always available on a pay-as-you-go basis in case you need more help.

Concierge Onboarding

Concierge Onboarding takes the task of moving your application to PrimaCloud off your plate and places it in the hands of our expert cloud-seasoned operations staff. We provide all the services needed to migrate your application and data as well as configure your ENKI cloud environment to optimally host your system. This labor is provided at a fixed charge agreed in advance with a known schedule and a guarantee that your software operate in a substantially identical manner prior to the migration. Concierge Onboarding is available either with or without other Operations Services plans. For more information, check out our Concierge Onboarding page.


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