Backup and Data Security

Network Based Backup Solutions for Business Continuance and Data Protection

ENKI offers online backup services to your business, either as a complement to PrimaCloud, or provided directly to your cloud computing environment or onsite data center. We offer single- or multi-location storage on RAIDed disk farms separate from your regular cloud storage to meet your business' needs for data protection at competitive rates and with the rapid access typically associated with online network-attached storage.   Redundant storage in a separate location for your backups is available if needed.  We are software-agnostic: while we offer a standard backup solution based on industry-leading VEEAM with our management services, our backup infrastructure will work equally well with backup software from a variety of vendors.  We will work with you to determine the best backup solution to meet your needs.

For ENKI's Operations as a Service customers, VEEAM backup is included as standard with all plans so that you don't have to worry about the safety of your data.  We deploy backup software into your virtual private data center and operate it for you (except for Bronze plans.)

Backup storage offerings that we can deploy include...

  • Rsync
  • Windows Backup
  • InMage
  • Vembu StorGrid
  • Arkeia
  • R1Soft CDP (for Cpanel, Plesk, or general server backup)
  • ArcServe
  • Amanda/Zmanda
  • And more...

Data Security

ENKI stores backup data in network-attached-storage (NAS) systems in which data is segregated and secured both by password-based security as well as unique logical identifiers only known to the data owner, providing security through both access control and hiding.  Additionally, our Veeam backup services include automatic encryption for the ultimate in security.  Access to NAS systems is restricted only to ENKI personnel with authorized encryption keys, and automated provisioning tools, ensuring that customers do not have access to each others' data. In addition, all NAS systems are physically secured with multiple levels of access control only available to ENKI personnel.

To ensure your confidence in ENKI's backup services, we recommond running regular restore tests.  ENKI can work with you to design a backup test plan and on our full-service operations services plans, we can execute the test plan for you.