Bandwidth Provisioning

Not all bandwidth is created equal. One of the most important things to know when purchasing bandwidth - and selecting a cloud hosting provider - is which networks connect you to your customers. In order to minimize transaction delays with your customers, you need to be directly connected to their networks as well through direct peering arrangements. As part of our business strategy to provide you with best-in-class data center services, we have purchased aggregated bandwidth from major network providers through redundant fiber connections to MAE West, the internet hub that carries 40% of the World's internet traffic and 70% of the traffic on the U.S. West Coast, or through VIaWest.  We have made this high quality bandwidth available as part of our PrimaCloud offering on a pay-per-use basis, or directly to you at your site.  You can take advantage of our ideal situation on the Internet by purchasing bandwidth services directly from us at very attractive rates.

Each ENKI datacenter has redundant network connections with automatic failover, offering you the benefit of minimal downtime should any physical connection to a provider fail (we can work with you to reduce the DNS convergence delays that may occur after a failure.)  

Additionally, at each ENKI location, we have over-provisioned the bandwidth, providing your service maximum insulation from usage spikes by other cloud customers, or due to potential DDOS attacks.  ENKI monitors our service provider links and interface equipment for uptime and throughput, allowing us to proactively intervene in the event of a DDOS attack or other connectivity-affecting issue.