PrimaCloud Features and Benefits

    • Flexible Virtual Private Data Centers: PrimaCloud delivers computing as one or more private networks of virtual servers behind a firewall, that function just like a real datacenter - except that they offer all the benefits below.  We stand behind our software-defined datacenter when we say it will run any software you wish to install in it, with any security and network configuration your business requires.  That's true flexibility.
    • On-Demand Scalability: For seasonal or project-related usage spikes as well as unexpected demand, you have the ability to add computer power and storage as you need them through our management portal, APIs, or with a phone call. Add resources in minutes, not days!  Increase the size of your servers on-the-fly, or add new servers to take on increased load.  Automatic scaling to match demand is also available.
    • Performance: Our powerful 8-10 core 3.2 GHz processors from AMD and Intel (including the latest E5 series) can handle the highest peaks in computing loads, and our advanced interconnect infrastructure means that your Windows or Linux applications will have the performance you expect without waiting to access storage or other servers in your datacenter.  VM sizes up to 512 GB mean that you can even put your database entirely into RAM.  SSD-backed storage with up to 60,000 IOPS also supports extreme database performance.
    • Monthly Pay As You Go Billing: With utility-type billing, you pay for only as much as you need, from portions of one server to multiple servers. No need to own additional servers or underutilize your servers "just in case." And since it's a monthly operating expense, so your valuable capital is available for other important projects.  Fully configurable server sizes mean you will save by using up to 20% less resources than with fixed-size instance services.
    • Superior Reliability: We offer a standard service level uptime guarantee of 4-nines with automatic downtime refunds, and of up to five nines for multi-location deployments, based on our highly redundant hardware, superior datacenters, and application level monitoring and administration services.  No need to purchase or lease additional servers as "backups" or wait for slow server restores.
    • Superior Basic Support: Our support team assists you in using our virtual infrastructure, performing adjustments to your virtual environment on request, and making sure you have a working operating system platform on which to install and run your software.  Unlike other companies, our support is aimed at keeping your software running, not just keeping your virtual machine running.
    • Top-Notch Security: Our services are provided in best-of-class data centers with multiple levels of physical security and environmental controls. Enhanced firewall, antivirus, antispam, antiintrusion and web filtering services will ensure the safe and reliable operation of your business with full PCI or HIPAA compliance available.  With 360 degree encryption and secure VLANs, meeting any security compliance requirements is a snap.
    • Believable SLAs: Everything we do for you is delivered to a Service Level Agreement, from our infrastructure to our response time to your requests.   Our 10x-20x instant service credit for downtime leads the industry and shows you that if you're down, we're up, because we have skin in your game.  We only guarantee what we think we can achieve, as opposed to simply paying refunds in order to promise a higher uptime level.
    • Compatibility: Based on VMWare, PrimaCloud is compatible with Windows, Linux (all versions), and Solaris, as well as the programming languages, databases, and middleware you need to do your job.  We challenge you to find an application that we can't host!
    • Unrivaled Cost-Savings: We enable you to make the most of your resources. Get enterprise-level computing capabilities without purchasing, installing, and configuring your own racks, servers, and software or learning to use a complicated API to access the Cloud. Eliminate the need to continually hire and train IT personnel to manage your data center, cloud deployments, or applications around the clock. Know what your true computing costs are without having to make complex TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations.
    • Relationship: ENKI knows that we are a critical component of your business and have structured our services to allow you to focus on what you do best while relying on us to do what we do best.   Our available PrimaCare operations services plans can provide you with your own virtual IT department on a pay-as-you-go basis, including your own dedicated representative that understands your business and how PrimaCloud can best serve it.



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