ENKI Data Centers

ENKI maintains its own equipment in tier 3+ locations chosen for their systems reliability and access to high-quality bandwidth.  The background of our management team includes building the infrastructure for successful internet software-as-a-service providers such as NetSuite and large companies such as Fujitsu, so we choose locations without compromise.

Systems Reliability

ENKI Data Centers have redundant power systems, backup power systems, redundant cooling and air conditioning, and redundant links to the internet.  Our data center partners are focused on systems reliability and have processes and procedures in place to rapidly respond to systems failures before service is affected.

High Quality Bandwidth

Our discovery has been that latency problems and throughput issues result from inadequte peering (availability of alternate service providers offering connections to the Internet).   As a result, we have chosen locations such as Market Post Tower, which carries up to 40% of the world's internet traffic and 70% of the US West Coast traffic due to the number of large carriers terminating their connections there.   ENKI has purchased blended bandwidth from these providers to provide our customers with the fastest ping times.  We have customers who have successfully deployed services with users in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


ENKI Data Centers have on-site security officers, mantraps, biometrics, CCTV and key card controls for 3-layer security including locked suites or cabinets under ENKI control.   No vendor or third-party personnel are allowed in ENKI-controlled space without ENKI escorts.  All ENKI personnel in controlled spaces are required to pass background checks.  For more information, please review our ENKI Datacenter and Security Datasheet.


ENKI's datacenters are located in facilities with SSAE 16 Type II SOC1 and SOC2 certifications as well as PCI.   We can provide documentation on request.


Coresite Santa Clara (http://www.coresite.com/locations/silicon-valley)

2772 Stender Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Denver Cornell Datacenter (http://www.viawest.com/data-centers/colorado/cornell-data-center)
11900 East Cornell Ave.
Aurora, CO 80014

For more information, please take our datacenter tour.

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