ENKI | PrimaCloud Concierge Onboarding Service

Effortlessly migrate your application or datacenter to our enterprise cloud.


  • Are you unhappy with your current cloud, hosting, or datacenter solution, but too busy to move?
  • Are the obstacles to moving to a new cloud service keeping you from getting the cost savings, performance, services, or SLAs that your business needs?
  • Is your staff maxed out at 120 percent, unable to take on new projects?
  • Is your management worried about wasting money on failed migrations?

ENKI's Concierge Onboarding Service takes the task of moving into PrimaCloud off your plate and places it in the hands of our expert cloud-seasoned operations staff.  We've moved scores of applications into PrimaCloud successfully, and we can move yours too, at a fixed cost and schedule, guaranteed to work.  And with our experience and tools, we can break vendor lock-in on even the most restrictive source architectures. We even plan the transition around your schedule to minimize your downtime!

We're Confident We Can Migrate Your Applications!

Our onboarding process and our expert staff are up to the challenge of any technological hurdles.  Go ahead... try to stump us!  We've never had to say nyet, nicht möglich, or muy difícil yet!

Source Infrastructure Source Technology Source Operating System Your Applications
greencheck32Amazon AWS
greencheck32Rackspace Cloud
greencheck32Any Cloud
greencheck32Any Datacenter
greencheck32Bare Metal
greencheck32And More!

Migration Obstacles... Cleared!

  • Fixed Cost, Known Upfront
  • Guaranteed Schedule
  • Guaranteed To Work
  • Break Vendor Lock-In
  • Tested and Monitored
  • Tuned for PrimaCloud

Our Concierge Onboarding Process

ENKI onboarding service follows a standard process that we have tested over the last 6 years on a variety of source platforms, including highly proprietary ones like AppLogic. We will analyze your current technology platform and application as well as your security and performance requirements, and create a migration plan with a known cost and schedule for your approval.

The migration process creates as exactly as possible a virtual analogue of your current infrastructure - no matter how it's implemented - so that your software will be happy in its new home.  And our migration process includes extras like performance tuning, security analyses, and virtual infrastructure upgrade consultation that can improve the safety, speed, and reliability of your application in our cloud.  All you have to do is certify that your application is working as it did before the move (or to your satisfaction if it's a new install.)  If we're late delivering your migration, we'll credit you for the half of your migration costs!


Concierge Onboarding Provides....
  • Planning
    • Compatibility assessment
    • Project plan with schedule
    • Up-Front Quote with guaranteed, fixed cost
  • Architectural Translation
    • Network architecture/topology translation from your current cloud or datacenter to PrimaCloud's virtual datacenter 
    • IP Addresses migration (we do the legwork!)
    • Security and performance upgrade consultation
    • External Connectivity - we manage translation of VPN tunnels, firewalls, and routers to our virtual infrastructure
    • Cloud framework API conversion assistance (from your current cloud to VMware VCD)
  • Provisioning
    • Provisioning of virtual servers and virtual network infrastructure
    • Installation and setup of virtual networking appliances
    • Application transfer, including creation of virtual machine images
  • Migration
    • Operating System updates if necessary for migration
    • Code image moves
    • Data Movement including minimized downtime on final sync
  • Validation
    • Testing assistance prior to go-live
    • Installation of enterprise-grade monitoring for performance and uptime testing and validation
    • Security assurance, performance assessment, resource rightsizing
    • Deployment document for our self-managed customers or runbook for clients choosing PrimaCare management