PrimaCloud Performance

ENKI's goal is to provide application performance that is a viable alternative to building your own onsite or co-located data center.  With over 10 years experience in providing cloud computing to a variety of businesses, ENKI has characterized the major factors restricting performance in cloud computing services and taken action to make sure that our customers do not experience performance slowdowns that may affect other cloud computing services:


Cloud Computing Performance Solutions
Problem Cause ENKI Solution
Poor interactive performance High Latency due to poor datacenter location or low-quality connections to Internet. Selection of data center locations and multiple blended bandwidth providers to offer best-in-class latency/ping times and superior peering
Performance Varies with I/O Usage or high I/O wait times Congestion in interconnect between servers or between servers and storage. Dual 10GbE links to each server for a total of up to 20Gbps, dual nonblocking switches per connection, and dual 20GbE connections to each storage array.
Performance varies with storage accesses / Poor storage performance Storage not in same cluster as computation; slow connections to storage with access times of 100ms or more. PrimaCloud storage is located in the same cluster as the compute servers and is connected dedicated Gigabit Ethernet links.  Additional storage arrays are added to each cluster as demand requires.
Slow storage systems with inadequate number of disk spindles or caching. PrimaCloud uses highly available Nimble and Nexenta systems with a large number of disk spindles in parallel as well as available SSD write- and read-caching for the highest performance levels, up to 60,000 IOPS per VM.  Pure SSD storage is available.
Oversubscribed storage systems as a result of service providers trying to achieve the lowest possible cost per Gigabyte. PrimaCloud storage is monitored for performance and hardware systems or configurations are modified if storage performance doesn't meet contracted service level.
Overall performance less than expected based on advertised CPU allocation Oversubscribed CPU allocations.  Vendor may use virtualization that over-allocates CPU such as Virtuozzo. PrimaCloud's VMWare delivers the MHz and core count that is provisioned for each virtual machine.  In addition, clog-free interconnect means your CPU cores will be doing work for you, not waiting for I/O.
Obfuscation of actual allocated CPU, such as quoting VM resource allocation on RAM only with high RAM-to-CPU ratio in server, or movement of VMs to lower-speed servers after allocation. PrimaCloud clusters are built out of servers with a standard 8GB/core RAM allocation and with all processors in the same speed class.  When we promise you a a core, you are getting a core (or virtual core in the case of Intel processors) that is not allocated to any other client.
Slow computation speeds Virtual servers allocated on unknown hardware or hardware with poor specifications including older hardware. Actual allocated hardware quoted on contract.  ENKI deploys leading-edge servers from SuperMicro and Dell with the fastest Opteron and Xeon server chips and the fastest memory that fits on the motherboard.

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