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ENKI | PrimaCloud™

The On-Demand Corporate Datacenter

ENKI has created PrimaCloud™ as a premium managed cloud computing service offering scalable Virtual Private Data Centers delivered in a virtual colocation paradigm, with industry-leading guaranteed levels of performance and reliability.

Leveraging ENKI's experience building the infrastructure for successful web services such as NetSuite, PrimaCloud provides a cost-effective alternative to building your own datacenter or private cloud.   Together with ENKI's PrimaCare Operations Services, PrimaCloud users can deploy production IT services within days without investment in hardware, facilities, or the skilled 24x7 staff in an IT organization.  PrimaCloud brings the promise of on-demand IT to your business on a pay-as-you-go basis. 


  • Software delivered as a service (SaaS), including financial, media, social networking, marketing, ERP, and CRM systems.
  • Line-of-Business applications
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: deliver desktops from within the cloud!
  • Telecommunications
  • Mission-critical, high-reliability applications such as healthcare and financial service
  • Windows, Linux, or Solaris deployments

At ENKI, we understand your ultimate goal... delivering your products and services to your customers. We take the technical complexity out of running your day-to-day business by delivering cloud computing as a service, either over the Internet, or over a private network connection. You determine the resources you need- CPU power, storage capacity, memory, and network connectivity.

From fractions of one server to multiple stacks of servers, you only pay for what you need on a monthly basis. If your business is seasonal, or you have unpredictable or fluctuating bursts in traffic… no problem. You can scale your resources up or down, when and where it's appropriate. We act as your internal IT department, building and managing your own virtual private data center. You concentrate on running your application, we do the rest.

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