High Availability

To reach the highest levels of reliability and uptime, PrimaCloud offers fully redundant hardware in our datacenters complemented by automatic failover, parallel server execution, and even remote failover.  Since we know that reliability is important to you, we offer a 10x-20x downtime guarantee that lets you know we take our committment to reliability seriously.

Standard High Availability Features

  • Automatic failover to standby servers in the event that the hardware running your application should fail.  This automatic failover is a standard feature of VMWare's VSphere product.  When VSphere sees that the hardware has failed, it reloads your virtual machine image from off-server storage (SAN) onto standby hardware and restarts it within approximately 2 minutes, offering an average reliability level of approximately 4-nines (or 53 minutes per year total).   With multi-tier application architectures, automatic failover plus redundant virtual servers can provide infrastructure reliability in excess of 4-nines.
  • Concurrent execution of two virtual machines with near-instant failover.  This is an optional feature of VMWare's Enterprise Plus software and can be used to improve your application's resistance to failure of a single server.
  • Fully redundant servers, storage, interconnect, switches, firewalls, routers, and connections to the Internet.   Our "no single anything" architecture means that routine equipment failures at ENKI or its datacenter site partners will not take your service down.
  • Tier 3/4 datacenters provide redundant power, cooling, and internet connections to complement our data center design, with base infrastructure services in the datacenter guaranteed to 5-nines or greater.

Optional Higher Availability Features

  • Multisite application deployment with automatic failover for reliability approaching 5-nines (5 minutes per year).  ENKI can work with you to architect your application deployment and provide appropriate failover automation and data synchronization to make sure that even if an entire datacenter were to fail, your application would continue to run.  Since successful remote application failover depends on your application environment, we will partner with you to choose a standard or custom solution that meets your needs including multi-site hot or cold-standby failover approaches.
  • PrimaCare Operations Services.  With nearly 80% of downtime due to human error, ENKI can significantly reduce your downtime by managaing your production virtual private datacenter.  Clients who use our services enjoy rapid and uneventful software deployments from their tested staging environments, with easy rollback should a release suffer quality problems.   Repeatable and automated system administration processes reduce human error to a minimum.


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