Scalable Virtual Private Data Centers:
A Cost-Effective Approach To Give You The Flexibility You Need

What if you could have your own high-performance datacenter, complete with your own servers, networking, and firewall - but create, scale, and dispose of it on demand?  ENKI's PrimaCloud Virtual Private Data Centers give you the flexibility you need to break free of the limitations of traditional hosting services or other cloud providers without having to build or staff your own data center.  They do this by enabling application-centric cloud management built into our VMWare technology's software-defined datacenter functionality, instead of server-centric cloud management typical of other cloud providers and colocation solutions.

Take advantage of our data center expertise, excellent Internet connectivity, and powerful servers by leasing a Virtual Data Center from us, paying only for as much computing as you need, from fractions of one server to multiple servers. You can complement your Virtual Data Center environment with other ENKI services to provide all the capability and dependability of an enterprise data center supported by your own IT department.

PrimaCloud flexibility opens new possibilities for your business

Because your Virtual Data Center can be rapidly provisioned or torn down, ENKI offers your business new ways to solve longstanding problems:

  • Create a data center to handle temporary spikes in your computing needs, such as seasonal or project-phase related workload, or even training and marketing events.
  • Build a virtual "sandbox" copy of your production data center for testing and staging, allowing you to reduce downtime for software releases by improving software quality and being able to roll back releases in case of severe problems.
  • Create a separate data center to support each of your SaaS clients with absolute security and quickly-scalable computing power.
  • Move your existing onsite computing environments easily into a Virtual Data Center that is configured to match them exactly, in order to eliminate the need for an intranet or to support expansion into branch offices.  Our industry-standard VMWare technology can turn physical servers into virtual ones automatically, or you can upload your existing virtual images for execution.
  • Move application development from the desktop environment to mini Virtual Datacenters that match the production environment exactly.
  • Use VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to provision desktops in the cloud, reducing administrative overhead and allowing your users to have the same desktop no matter where they are.   Your Virtual Data Center can include all the same servers and services you are used to in your physical environment.

Virtual Data Center capabilities 

  • A dedicated network of virtual servers architected to optimally support your application, including n-tier architectures to meet security best practices.
  • Management and automation functions that treat the datacenter as a whole, enabling application-centric cloud management.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of flavors of Windows, Linux, Solaris, and more as well as the programming languages and databases you need to do your job.
  • Resources can be added in minutes by phone, web portal, or API, and you are only billed for the resources you request.
  • Virtual servers may be set to use a wide range of memory and CPU resources, but you are only billed on the totals, allowing you to balance resources for maximum performance and cost savings, especially versus fixed-instance-size clouds.
  • All storage on highly available SAN systems with full redundancy and available SSD acceleration.
  • High-speed 20Gb/s Ethernet or 80Gb/s Infiniband interconnect stops wasteful I/O congestion cold.
  • Redundant server hardware with VMWare's automated hot failover in minutes (instant failover available).  Ours systems heal themselves!
  • Geographic failover or cuncurrency is available via our multiple datacenters.
  • Current-generation top-performance multicore Opteron hardware with large memory space (Intel servers optional.)
  • Monitored CPU and disk resources to ensure adequate performance levels (may require additional services.)
  • Root-level access to your Virtual Private Datacenter (except if we do all of your operations management for you.)
  • Automated security scanning for known vulnerabilities on a regular basis
  • Best-of-class transaction performance: our equipment is located in CoreSite's Stender colocation facility, situated on the Metropolitan Area Exchange West primary network access point for all Internet traffic flows in Northern California, carrying 60% of the West Coast's Internet traffic and 40% of the World's traffic.  Our bandwidth features redundant fiber connections to the main high-speed trunk lines of multiple world-class telecommunications companies. You will have excellent ping times.
  • Enterprise-class colocation facilities at CoreSite in Santa Clara and ViaWest in Denver have multiple power supplies, multiple backup power, multiple cooling, full dual-barrier electronic and human security, and hardening against environmental threats.
  • Industry-standard VMWare virtualization is compatible with a variety of providers, guaranteeing 100% business continuance and no vendor lock-in.

Outstanding Standard Support

Even if you don't use our PrimaCare Operations Services to manage your cloud deployment, our support department is dedicated to helping you keep your application running successfully.  Our standard support goes beyond that of our competitors to include:

  • Web and email support with phone reporting of urgent issues.  You can always reach a live person at ENKI.
  • Support SLAs: we promise to get your issues worked on in a timely manner, typically 5 minutes.
  • Help using the cloud: If you don't want to operate your cloud deployment, we can start, stop, resize, copy, snapshot your virtual machines and copy virtual private data centers, as well as assist you in using our web control panel.
  • Operating-System level support: our basic support includes making sure your operating system is working after an install or reboot.  We don't just support your virtual machines, we make sure they are useful to you.
  • Our support team will help you resolve any networking issues between your virtual machines or your deployment and the internet.


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