Choosing Managed Private Cloud

PublicOrPrivate350RShould you use the Public or Private Cloud? Choosing to build a private cloud is not a decision taken lightly, and the benefits have to be weighed carefully against the downsides, the largest of which is the loss of potential cloud cost savings that derive from using shared infrastructure. However, for certain applications or companies, a private cloud - especially managed private cloud - can provide a cost-effective way to deploy their own infrastructure while taking advantage of the latest advances in scalable, rapid-provisioning, self-managed cloud computing technology.   ENKI PrimaSys aims to deliver as many of these benefits as possible.


Managed Private Clouds can offer some significant benefits over many public cloud offerings.   However, these benefits are "soft", in that carefully selected and planned public cloud deployments can be configured to offer similar advantages, and in the end your choice may rest to some degree on how comfortable you, your stakeholders, and your team are with each option.

Below we list a comparison of various cloud options with respect to the benefits that people normally expect from private clouds.   Note that numerous public cloud vendors are advertising "private clouds" which actually virtual private data centers implemented on their own or others' public cloud offerings, which don't have the fundamental characteristic of private clouds, which is physical separation of the infrastructure.

Benefit PrimaSys
Private Cloud
Private Cloud
PrimaCloud  Public Cloud
Physical Separation & Security greencheck32 greencheck32 red_x32 red_x32
Network and User Security greencheck32 greencheck32 greencheck32 yellowcheck
Control greencheck32 greencheck32 yellowcheck yellowcheck
BYO Proprietary Hardware greencheck32 greencheck32 yellowcheck red_x32
Compliance Compatibility greencheck32 yellowcheck yellowcheck red_x32
greencheck32 greencheck32
yellowcheck red_x32
Rapid Deployment yellowcheck red_x32 greencheck32 greencheck32
NO Deep IT Skills Required greencheck32 red_x32 greencheck32 yellowcheck
Customer-Definable SLAs greencheck32 yellowcheck yellowcheck red_x32

greencheck32- fulfilled
yellowcheck- possible depending on your skills, requirements, vendor offering, or configuration
red_x32   - not available

Other Considerations

Cost.  The main drawback of private clouds is cost: since the infrastructure is dedicated to your use, you are completely responsible for paying for it.  Handling peaks in usage requires expensive overbuilding, or expensive consequences from underprovisioning.  In addition if you build your own, you also have to budget for expensive 24x7 skilled staffing to manage it, as well as the management attention that having your own data center has always required including ongoing projects for system integration with new hardware and software.  PrimaSys managed private clouds can't change the economics of a private cloud, but by offering access to compatible public cloud services as well as eliminating 24x7 skilled staffing, private cloud may be brought within reach of your organization.

IT Expertise.  A self-managed private cloud is essentially a corporate datacenter, which requires deep IT skills and operational focus to build the private cloud infrastructure, and then deliver high levels of service.   Today's various cloud software kits help in this area, but they are only highly capable management tools and do not determine management strategy or process, such as ITIL.   PrimaSys leverages ENKI's expertise in building its own datacenters and customer private clouds, as well as providing ongoing support and management that eliminates the need for operations staffing.

Risk.  Given the state of today's private cloud-building tools and "clouds in a box", many of which have little or no track record of enterprise usage or are severely oversold, you are taking a risk of being someone else's guinea pig.  The alternative big-box solutions from the Big Three vendors locks you into a hardware/software combo that is extremely expensive, proprietary, and slow to evolve.   PrimaSys addresses these issues by using a proven pre-integrated cloud built on proven commodity hardware actually tested on a public cloud service, delivered with management services that set you free to use your private cloud rather than become a lab rat.

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