ENKI | PrimaSys Managed Private Clouds

Since 2006, ENKI has provided public cloud computing to small and midsize enterprises with our Computing Utility and PrimaCloud services, building expertise in using cloud computing technology to serve a variety of enterprise and growth company needs. ENKI now combines this expertise with our staff's experience designing and managing datacenters for ENKI as well as for NetSuite and other companies to offer a Managed Private Cloud service to our clients.

Now, you no longer have to choose between private or public cloud computing or multiple incompatible platforms or restrictive "boxed" private cloud solutions that can't be customized to meet your requirements. PrimaSys is based on the same technology and offers the same managed services as ENKI's highly successful public cloud offerings.

Why Managed Private Cloud?

Enterprises encounter numerous barriers to moving to public cloud computing, either as an alternative or adjunct to their own IT service and in-house datacenter deployments. These barriers include requirements for elevated levels of security, specialized hardware, compliance, and performance that is not affected by public cloud loads.

Private Clouds, which offer the benefits of public clouds while being dedicated to a single customer entity, have been touted as the solution to these problems. However, companies implementing private clouds on their own often have to contend with the same problems they faced in providing their existing infrastructure, including requirements for expensive skilled and experienced labor and significant distraction from their customer focus.

What is a Managed Private Cloud?

A Managed Private Cloud is highly reliable, scalable, and flexible virtual infrastructure that offers rapid self-service provisioning and pay-per-use billing, physically isolated and dedicated to the needs of a single owning entity, and under outsourced remote management.

By outsourcing the design, build, and operation of private cloud infrastructure, you can rapidly enjoy cloud benefits while retaining necessary control over your data and cloud specifications. In addition, moving to a standardized cloud infrastructure permits "cloud bursting," or accessing compatible supplemental infrastructure in the public cloud.

ENKI's Managed Private Cloud Offerings

ENKI can deploy and manage private instances of its PrimaCloud service, either onsite or hosted by us. Much like for our own cloud offerings, we have chosen the technologies in PrimaCloud to offer you a selection of price/performance points to meet your needs. In addition to leveraging the standard technologies in in PrimaCloud, deploying them as a private cloud also allows us to integrate with required third-party hardware such as tape libraries or encrypting private gateways, and to tune the overall hardware mix to best meet your needs while retaining the manageability and features of the base product. Leveraging our PrimaCare services, ENKI can install and operate your private cloud instance and even the application deployments on it with little to no staffing or operations expertise on your part.

Succcess Factors for Managed Private Cloud Deployments

  • Strong concerns or requirements for security or compliance that require physical separation of your infrastructure
  • Business model that takes advantage of automated or self-service resource provisioning
  • Sufficiently large computing load to justify committment to costs associated with dedicated infrastructure
  • Sustained computing load that utilizes committed hardware sufficiently to negate cost savings of sharing infrastructure with other companies while staying within the capabilities of a specific set of hardware
  • Rapid time-to-production (time to market) requirements that preclude learning how to build your own cloud
  • Desire for managing costs as operational expenses
  • Willingness to use a proven, standardized public cloud architecture as the seed for your private cloud