PrimaSys Implementation

PrimaSys managed private clouds build on ENKI's public cloud services, leveraging our experience, reference technologies, systems integration, and operational support infrastructure.   PrimaSys implementation involves the following steps:

Needs assessment.  Determining your needs for performance, uptime, scalability, security, compliance, control, and a host of other factors to allow us to propose the right solution to your needs.

Technology selection.   Choosing between AppLogic-based Computing Utility technology and VMWare-based PrimaCloud technology, based on the needs and requirements gathered above.   Since both options allow for variability in server specifications as well as networking and storage options, much as we do for our public cloud clusters we will work with you to make any appropriate selections, customizations, and enhancements to address your particular requirements.

Site selection.  Since PrimaSys can be deployed in our location or yours, we work with you to select the best site for you, and perform remote site assessment of 3rd party datacenter locations to assure you that your overall project requirements are met, and that we, as remote managers of your private cloud, are able to deliver the service levels that you require.

Build.  Based upon your technology selection, ENKI will either manage the build-out as a professional services engagement, including procuring and installing the necessary standard and custom hardware, or we will work with your internal IT staff to provide a bill of materials and build plan so that you can perform the build yourself.

Validation.  ENKI will validate your private cloud deployment using both internal test suites as well as custom testing to verify that it meets your requirements.

Operation.  Once your private cloud is up and running, ENKI will manage it much as we manage our own cloud points-of-presence.   Your cloud will be monitored using our PrimaView service, and we will respond to exceptions and service requests with our normal guaranteed service levels.   We can also provide PrimaCare support to your customer/users if you wish for a fully turn-key implementation at the application (rather than cloud) level.

Customizing PrimaCloud

ENKI believes that our PrimaCloud public cloud technologies are each best suited to a particular application domain: high performance, enterprise-grade cloud services.   However, these technologies can be customized easily to achieve a variety of purposes to meet your needs.   While we will recommend the appropriate choice of technology for your needs, the general factors influencing our choices for implementing managed private clouds are listed below:

Factor Base PrimaCloud Adjustability via Customization
Performance High Medium-High
Uptime Very High - 99.99% or higher 99.95% to 99.995%
Scalability Up to 100 servers/cluster; multiple clusters possible Up to 25 - 200 servers/cluster; multiple clusters possible
Security High, Customizable Medium to High
Deployment Cost Medium Low-High
ENKI Management Cost Medium (depends on configuration chosen) Low-Medium
Time to Implement 2-4 Months (depends on options chosen) 2-6 Months (depends on customizations chosen.)
Target Applications High performance, highly scalable, database intensive, storage-intensive, unbalanced (storage/compute), extremely large, Windows-focused, VMWare compatibility, Enterprise grade
Purpose Replaces purpose-built corporate compute clusters or datacenters or purpose-built high-end public cloud systems
Replaces any public cloud infrastructure

Choosing Onsite or Hosted Private Clouds

Onsite: ENKI builds and manages the private cloud on your owned or leased premises where physical security is completely under your control, and you can "reach out and touch" your hardware.   Deploying onsite can be slightly more expensive since it means that you must have fully separate bandwidth provisioning and you may be paying for unneeded data center space minimums.
Hosted: ENKI builds and manages your private cloud on our premises as a fully separate hardware cluster, eliminating the requirement that you provide datacenter space.  Your company accesses its own remote cloud infrastructure through secure public, private and virtual private networks.   You can take advantage of our bandwidth provisioning to save on transport costs.  Very small hosted clouds also enjoy datacenter space savings since you aren't responsible for minimums.

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