Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance

A business is impacted by a fire, flood, or some type of accident or natural disaster every single day in the United States. How would your organization survive if you data center suddenly disappeared? How long would it take to get your operations up and running again? ENKI's flexible Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans will enable your company to keep running in the event of such an emergency.

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Flexible Restoration Time and Point Objectives (RTO & RPO)
  • RTO in seconds and no lost data for mission critical applications
  • RTO in a couple of hours with minimal lost data for important applications that do not support clustered or active-active architectures
  • RPO and RTO in a day for non-business critical applications
Geographically separated data centers prevent a natural disaster from impacting your service
  • ENKI-owned datacenters in Santa Clara, CA and Denver, CO
  • Partnership with IBM for datacenters around the world
Security and compliance expertise enabling your operations to be just as secure in an emergency as during normal operations
  • Multi-layer security designed and implemented by security experts
  • Preventative and forensic security automation, including encryption
  • Threat management and consulting
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance
Enterprise grade reliability will keep your applications up and running in ENKI's cloud
  • Full component level network and infrastructure redundancy
  • Automatic application and system failover and redundancy
  • Hosted in Tier 4 data centers
High Performance Cloud guaranteed to handle the most demanding application
  • Built with Best-in-Breed components
  • 20 GbE fully redundant network fabric
  • Up to 60,000 dedicated SAN storage IOPS with SSD hybrid technology
  • No over subscription of network or component resources
Supported 24x7 by Tier 3 Support Engineers
  • Dedicated engineer who knows your DR/BC setup and has access to your runbook
  • Change control compliance CRM ensures contracted service SLAs are met

Easy Deployment

ENKI can help you build a business continuity plan for your datacenter catered to your specific business requirements quicker and at less cost than going it alone. All that is required to save your business from disaster is:

1. Provide your datacenter architecture to ENKI

  • Servers requiring business continuity
  • Software Application(s) architecture
  • Security and Compliance Requirements

2. Provide your business continuity requirements to ENKI

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

3. Develop joint failover and fallback plan

4. Test resulting solution (ENKI will run the test to your requirements)

5. ENKI will take care of the rest.

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