At ENKI, we put our experience building and supporting the infrastructure of successful start-ups to work for you.

ENKI's services provide you with the professional tools to stand out in the crowded world of SaaS or Mobile Apps.  Let ENKI become your IT department, without the extra cost and hassle of servers, system admins, or even managing your own cloud presence (includig security!)  All this for one low monthly charge; no servers or sys admins required!  If you haven't written your application yet, we can even develop it to your requirements or help your team with devOps issues, assuring that it will be fast and reliable once it goes live.


  • cloudbulletGuaranteed Reliability. ENKI guarantees 99.99% uptime with an unlimited 10x-20x refund, ensuring that if you’re down, we’re up fixing the problem. Downtime could cost you customers and credibility, and we’re here to make sure you lose neither.
  • cloudbullet.pngScalability. In the start-up world, demand can be unpredictable from one day to the next. With the ENKI Cloud, we give you peace of mind knowing that when the next big spike comes, we’ve got you covered.  You always pay only for the resources you use.
  • cloudbullet.pngFull Operations Services. Our Cloud is backed by a team of sys admins with years of experience supporting the needs of start-ups and growing companies. Whether it’s a diagnosing a performance problem, staging a beta test, some brand new code, or just a configuration change, we are there for you 24x7.  With our PrimaCare operations services, you can leverage best-practice IT management techniques without having to learn them.
  • cloudbullet.pngHigh Performance.  Our IT experts architected the ENKI Cloud with the enterprise in mind. Constantly evolving technology from vendors such as Intel, AMD, Juniper, Dell, Nimble, VMware and others allows us to provide you with an experience comparable to that of a an expertly managed private datacenter.
  • cloudbullet.pngTotal Solution, Total Value. Whether you just need high-value hosting or a trusted partner to develop, deploy, and manage your application so you can focus on building your business, ENKI impeccably meets your needs with industry leading Total Cost of Operations that preserves your capital... and your equity!
  • cloudbullet.png A Start-Up Seasoned Team. Our management, sales, support, and operations teams have sucessfully built and supported IT and software fdevelopment in multiple start-up businesses including, the world's first cloud-infrastructure enabled SaaS service.

We invite you to learn more about how we provide you the benefits of fully virtualized IT services with our PrimaCloud enterprise grade cloud computing and our PrimaCare operations services.

Customer Testimonial


"Partnering with ENKI has allowed Kashoo to focus on developing great accounting software for our customers. With the ENKI Cloud, we have seen significant savings compared to the cost of buying servers and hiring our own IT staff." 

- Jim Secord, CEO Kashoo

Customer Success Stories

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