Amazon's AWS Is For Prototypes And Demos - Not The Platform In Which To Trust Your Business

With Amazon AWS

AWS Guarantees Capacity, Not Performance

  • Low Performance Storage:
    • EBS Optimized Instance: Max 100 IOPS
    • Provisioned IOPS: Max 4K IOPS, less than SSDs
    • Shared Storage via Gbit Interface
  • Variable Internet Latency
  • Gbit Network Interface per Instance

Many Outages, Poor Guarantees

  • Google "AWS 2013 Outages"
  • "Worst SLAs of any major cloud IaaS Provider", Gartner 2012
  • Instance Failures Take Out Included Storage
  • Outages Usually Take Down Entire Zone

Reasonable Infrastructure Security, But....

  • No Assistance With Application Security
  • You're On Your Own With Achieving Compliance
  • Only Supports AWS' BAA
  • Frequent Malware Target

Limited Support Options

  • One Size Fits All Commodity Business
  • No Application or Outsourced Operations Support
  • No Service or Support Flexibility
  • Enterprise-Level Support Starts at $15,000/Month

ENKI Delivers

High Performance Infrastructure

  • High Performance Storage
    • Standard: 150 IOPS
    • Provisioned IOPS: 60K Max
    • Dual Linked 10Gbit Storage Interface
  • Two Performance Optimized Cloud Choices
    • Standard: 20 Gbit Fully Redundant Interconnect
    • HPC Cloud: 80Gbit Fully Redundant InfiniBand Interconnect
  • Min Internet Latency via Level3 & XO Peering
  • No Resource Overallocation

Designed for 99.99% Service Uptime

  • 100% Availability With Geo-Redundant Datacenters
  • 20x SLAs on Cloud and Application
  • Persistent, Self-healing Instances

Security-Driven Architecture

  • Software-defined Datacenter
  • 360 Degree Data Encryption Technology
  • Multiple Hardware-based VLANs
  • ENKI Consulting and Compliance Expertise

Expert Technical & Consultative Support

  • Covers Technology, Application, and Operations
  • Only Tier 3 Dedicated Support Engineers
  • Network, Server, and Application Monitoring Included
  • Concierge Onboarding for Painless Migration
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