ENKI Delivers on Rackspace's Missed Expectations

With Rackspace

"Fanatical Support"

  • Tier 1 or 2 Engineers not Knowledgeable of Application Requirements or Architecture
  • No Support if your Application Fails - The #1 Cause of Downtime
  • No Context Maintained Between Support Calls
  • Corrective Action For Downtimes Requires Customer Intervention


  • Single 2013 Outage Dropped Availability Below 99.99%
  • Only 99.9% (three nines) storage uptime SLA
  • Customers Continue to Experience Repeated Downtimes due to Unscheduled Server Maintenance
  • Failures in Instances Cause Long Downtimes While Backups are Restored
  • Network Fabric Generates Highly Variable Latency

Poor Value

  • Fixed Server Sizes Force Wasteful Resource Over-Allocation or Dangerous Under-Allocation
  • No Guarantee of CPU Power Delivered per "vCPU"
  • No Guarantee of Storage Performance/IOPS
  • Amount of CPU per Dollar Drops as Instance Size Increases
  • Insecure Infrastructure Requires Customer Workarounds


Fully Managed Services

  • Dedicated Tier 3 Support Staff
  • Full Understanding of Your Application's Architecture
  • Dedicated Account Manager Maintains Context Between Calls
  • Our Engineers Initiate Resolution Automatically Based on Application and Server Monitoring
  • HIPAA and PCI-Compliant Hosting and Management Services

Quality Service Delivered

  • ENKI Consistently Delivers Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
  • 100% Uptime Available with Geo-Redundant Datacenters
  • Available Guaranteed Application and/or Cloud SLAs
  • Self-healing Persistent Instances Eliminate Downtime and Support Calls if your Server Fails
  • Small-Cluster Architecture Contains Failures

100% Scalable Performance and Pricing

  • Pay for and Get Exactly the CPU and RAM You Request, No Over-Allocation
  • VMs Built to Exact Specifications Requested
  • Variety of Storage Price/Performance Levels Available, Including 60,000 Guaranteed IOPS
  • Discounts Reward Growth, not Punish it.
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